What can I do with Lab.Console?

Lab.Console is the support service to use computing resource with simple operation and simple payment method. Computing resources created with Lab.Console can be freely used as a server or storage.

Which cloud service can I use with Lab.Console?

Amazon Web Services.

What do I need to start Lab.Console?

As long as you have internet connection, you can start Lab.Console. Please contact us from the inquiry page.

How can I start Lab.Console?

You can use it as soon as you complete the contract procedure with us.

Do I have to register my credit card information?

No, It isn't necessary to register Credit card.

What’s the payment method?

Please pay with an invoice issued from Fusic.

Who’s operating "Lab.Console"?

This service is provided by Fusic Co.,Ltd. Find out more about Fusic here

How can I know about the privacy policy of the Lab.Console service?

You can check out the Fusic Privacy Policy here