To all the researchers who need computing resource

Lab.Console is the support service for the researchers procuring computing resource. It supports from introduction to operation of cloud service (Amazon Web Services), with simply operating and simply payment method.

Optimizing the usage of cloud service
from introduction to operation

Lab.Console is the support service for researchers procuring computing resource.
Simplify procedures of cloud service, you can use it according to the fee structure matching the format of research expenses.

  • Easy to set up

    It does not require complicated setup like the conventional cloud service. You can easily start servers with the specs you want. Even if you are using cloud services for the first time, you can start using it right away.

  • Reliable budget management

    In order to make it easier to plan a budget, we offer services at fixed rates. We also have a function to monitor and automatically stop computing resources as a measure to prevent over budget. * The data stored in the storage even after automatic stop is kept for a certain period.

  • Prepaid vouchers

    Lab.Console service can be used by purchasing a prepaid voucher from our designated channels.
    * Click here for our designated channels.
    University Co-op
    Amazon Business

Provide a better research environment by simplification
of procedures, budget management and payment.

Easy to understand UI makes operation easier, you can start server right away

All it takes entering some items and clicking the launch button, the server will start up immediately. No complicated settings or specialized knowledge is required. It is also easy to upload to or download from the file server on the management screen.

Prevent excessive budget due to excessive use

When preliminarily set budget is about to be exceeded, notification of alert is sent by Lab.Console. In addition, it has a function to automatically stop the server when the preset budget is exceeded. Since the data stored in the storage is kept for a certain period even after the server is automatically stopped, there is no worry that the data will disappear suddenly.


Server Usage Fees

  • 1,500 JPY / month
  • Number of Servers
    Server specification
    Volume (GB)

File Server Usage Fees

  • 1,000 JPY / month
  • Number of Servers
    Volume (GB)

Total amount

9,500JPY / month

* Tax included.
* Monthly price is calculated based on 30 days.
* Note that a separate fee for registration (5,000JPY: tax included) is required. The registration fee is automatically deducted from the voucher amount purchased.

Available services